About Shubh Driving School

About Us

Road safety is a key concern area for both the Government and the people on roads. Safe driving today requires a higher level of confidence and competence, given the poor traffic planning, increasing number of vehicles, lack of professionalism in driving and untrained drivers on road. Our experienced instructor can teach you on the road safety and provide you all the skills and knowledge needed to become a safe and confident driver. 


Shubh Driving School teaches driving in Tarneit and the western suburbs of Melbourne. We are dedicated to teaching our students to be Safe, Economical and Defensive drivers. Defensive and Economical Driving techniques are the same. It is not possible to be an Economical Driver unless you are also a Defensive Driver. Save lives and money at the same time.


Shubh Driving school will help and teach you driving in a short span of time. We teach and plan lessons according to the skill level from first time learners to experienced drivers who just need to improve their driving skill. We intend to make every driver safe and confident before they drive independently.


We pride ourselves on our teaching qualities, professionalism, patience and friendly approach towards our students. We want you to enjoy the experience, as some people may be scared at the thought of learning to drive we use our people qualities to make you feel relaxed and help you gain confidence. We want you to gain a skill for life which will enable you to become an excellent safe and confident driver.